How to apply for a room

To apply for a room you need to fill in the form below. You can give us the information about yourself and your preferences, and based on that we prepare the most suitable offer.

Should you have any questions regarding the reservation process do not hesitate to let us know at


Below you can find the inquiry form. Please note that you can only apply for a fixed period. Rental periods are:

  • 1st semester (winter period): from 1st October to 10th February
  • 2nd semester (summer period): from 12th February to 31st June
  • whole year: from 1st October to 31st June
Specify the length of your stay by filling in the date of arrival and date of departure. If your arrival date is before one of the dates above, please indicate that it in the "additional comment" field.


Request for Tender
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Country: *
Date of arrival / date of departure: / *
University and faculty of destination:
E-mail address:
Phone Number:
Your preferences:
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