All you need to know about your moment of arrival

1. Where do I have to go after the arrival to Poland? How do I get the key to my room?

As Housing Corporation have many flats in the different spots within the city, we will contact each of our future tenants individually to arrange a meeting to pick up the key. We will meet you directly in your future flat (after your arrival we will send you an e-mail with the tips how to get there most easily). We will show you the flat, sign the agreement and give you the key.


2. Do I have to pay anything on the arrival?

When you arrive, you only have to pay something if you have not transferred the down-payment in advance. However, if you had done that before, please take a payment confirmation with you, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, as it may take a while to complete the bank transfer between the banks of the two countries. Please remember that we can only give you the key if the payment has been done (or if we have received the proof of it).

3. What time will I be able to get to my room?

The check-in time is at 2.00 p.m., on the first day of your arrival

4. I have just arrived to my room and it is dirty or something is broken. What shall I do?

Please inform us about any of the issues above as soon as possible! If the furniture is broken on your arrival, you need to report it within one week from the day of your arrival. Housing Corporation will deal with all the problems as soon as possible.

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